Vierra Associates was established in 1983 to offer government relations, strategic consulting, and technical assistance services to public and private sector entities seeking Washington based consultants in the field of transportation. Its broad base of clients includes construction, manufacturing and financial firms as well as transportation service providers.

Vierra Associates has the resources to promote and protect client interests in an effective and timely manner. The firm has successfully represented its clients with both the Congress and the Executive Branch, and has a strong understanding of the workings of local and state governments and how these units of government interact with federal agencies.

Vierra Associates has assisted clients with the development of competitive project proposals for presentation to Congress as well as to officials of the Executive Branch. These proposals have resulted in more than $6 billion in project authorizations, Congressional earmarkings and tax legislation for transportation clients. The firm has provided clients with technical assistance with regards to federal bidding procedures, planning and environmental assessments, and grant-making requirements.

Vierra Associates is headquartered in the District of Columbia, and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.